Valley Emmaus Community Welcome and News

If you attended your Flight or Walk elsewhere and are living or visiting in the Rio Grande Valley, we would love to see you at a community event!
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The Women’s Walk is full, still taking applications to be on the waiting list. There are no more scholarships available.

We need a female guitar player for the Women’s Walk. If interested in serving, please contact Lisa McCallum at (956) 343-4490 or

The Women’s Walk Agape Signup and Prayer Vigil Signup are available.

As you share Emmaus with potential pilgrims, be reminded that there is nothing secret about Emmaus. Our Upper Room Handbook and the booklet What is Emmaus?, both explicitly cover that topic. The Handbook states, “There is nothing secret about Emmaus. Even Candlelight, personal agape letters, and the community’s presence at the Closing can be mentioned when Emmaus is explained to a person being sponsored.” The Valley Emmaus Board encourages you to be open about the Emmaus experience and trust that these will all be powerful and fresh experiences even to the pilgrims who are aware of them.

Many publications that explain Emmaus are available from The Upper Room.

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