Board Members

Board Members serve a 3-year term that begins on June 1 and ends on May 31 of the year listed here. Guidelines Board service are listed in Article V of the Valley Emmaus Fourth Day Group ByLaws.

Term ends May 31, 2018
Wanda Bennett
Mike Carey
 Pete Lopez
Ron Myers
 Term ends May 31, 2019
Lloyd Betts
 Lisa McCallulm
Kathy Shaw
 Term ends May 31, 2020
Steve Benton
Bonnie Cherrington
Beverly Sires
Officers beginning June 1, 2016
Community Lay Director Mike Carey
Assistant Community Lay Dir #1 Ron Myers
Community Spiritual Director Phillip Hoeflinger
Assistant Community Spiritual Director Joe Tognetti
Secretary Wanda Bennett
Assistant Secretary  Kathy Shaw
Treasurer Bonnie Cherrington
Assistant Treasurer
Valley Emmaus Community Board Rep Kathy Shaw
Past Community Lay Director Sharon Henry
Past Community Spiritual Director Cindy Layton
Committee Chairpersons
Agape Coordinator Wanda Bennett
Candlelight & Sponsor’s Hour Mike Carey
Community Training Kathy Shaw
Gatherings / Events Mike Carey
Group Reunions / Follow-up
Literature / Supplies
Music / Sound Pete Lopez
Newsletter Dina Wilson
Outreach / Missions
Prayer Vigil Coordinator  Lisa McCallum
Walk / Flight Team Selection Kathy Shaw
Walk Set-up / Break-down
Website Liaison Wanda Bennett
Equipment Committee