Board Members

Board Members serve a 3-year term that begins on June 1 and ends on May 31 of the year listed here. Guidelines Board service are listed in Article V of the Valley Emmaus Fourth Day Group ByLaws.

Term ends May 31, 2020: Bonnie Cherrington, Beverly Sires, Rev. Phillip Hoeflinger, Rev. Joe Tognetti
Term ends May 31, 2021: Robyn Carey, Lorain Keath, Bruce Lownsbery, Jane Price
Term ends May 31, 2022: Norma Aguinaga, Mary Reser, Jerry Walzel
Officers as of July 19, 2018:
Officers Board Member Email
Community Lay Director Bonnie Cherrington
Assistant Community Lay Dir #1 Beverly Sires
Community Spiritual Director Phillip Hoeflinger
Assistant Community Spiritual Director Joe Tognetti
Secretary Robyn Carey
Assistant Secretary Loraine Keath
Treasurer Jane Price
Assistant Treasurer Bruce Lownsbery
Valley Emmaus Community Board Rep
Assistant Community Board Rep Robyn Carey
Committees and Roles Board Member Email
Agape Coordinator Lorain Keath
Communication Coordinator Bruce Lownsbery (w Dina Wilson)
Communion Steward Bonnie Cherrington
Gatherings Coordinator Bonnie Cherrington
Music / Sound
Nominating Committee
Prayer Vigil Coordinator
Sponsor’s Hour & Candlelight Bonnie Cherrington
Storage Site Coordinator Jane Price
Supplies Coordinator
Walk Site Coordinator
Website Liaison Bruce Lownsbery (w Gary Jeter)