How to Sponsor a Pilgrim on a Walk- Pilgrim Application





Sponsorship does not involve paying for participants (although in some cases this might apply), but rather ensuring that they derive the most spiritual benefit from the Walk. This is a commitment that should not be taken lightly and can only be fulfilled by someone who has been on a Walk to Emmaus.

Sponsorship involves, among other things:

1. Selection of Suitable Pilgrims:
This should be done prayerfully and in consultation with your reunion group and the relevant minister or pastor to ascertain that this applicant will benefit from a “Walk to Emmaus” and is, at present, spiritually and emotionally suitable for this. Don’t simply sponsor “nice people” or friends or family that you want to go.

2. Sponsor Support before and after the Walk:

As a Sponsor, you undertake to:

• Pray for this applicant;

• Discuss the Walk with his/her family/friends for appropriate support, encouragement and care for them before, during and after the Walk;

• Collect necessary letters and paperwork prior to the Walk;

• Commit to take care of Pilgrim’s obligations and family’s needs during the Walk weekend;

• Arrange for transportation to and from the Walk site;

• Participate in activities that make the weekend a special blessing (Sponsor’s Hour, Candlelight & Closing);

• Attend Pilgrim’s Orientation with the Pilgrim after the Walk; and

• Help the Pilgrim attend Gatherings and find a reunion group.

• (New Nov 2018) Encourage the Pilgrim to attend the next four Gatherings after their Walk with you, as schedules allow, and help them find and commit to a Reunion group.

How else can I Serve?
– Participate in the Prayer Vigil for Walks or Flights world-wide
– Assist with fulfilling an Agape need on an upcoming Walk (click for a list)
Sponsor a Pilgrim on a Walk or Flight
– Serve in Kairos
– The ultimate purpose of Emmaus is to build leaders in the local church.
If you are not already active in your church, pray about how God can use you to show the love
of Christ to the world around you.

Need to Join a Reunion Group?
Click here to find a reunion group in your area or feel free to start your own.