How to Serve on a Walk


Team Positions on a typical Walk:
Conference Room Team:
– Spiritual Director* (1) and Assistant Spiritual Directors* (4)
– Lay Director* (1) and Assistant Lay Directors* (3)
– Table Leaders* (5-6) and Assistant Table Leaders* (5-6)
– Music Team* (2-3)
– Board Representative* (1)
Non-Conference Room Team:
– Outside Team Leader* (1) and Outside Team Assistants* (3-6)
– Cook Team (2+)
Agape Servants (Dishwashers, Pillow Agape, Snacks, Prayer, Supplies & more)
*Current Application required where indicated

Team Prerequisites:

  • Have attended an Emmaus Walk as a Pilgrim or a Chrysalis Flight as a Butterfly
  • Conference Room Team members must attend 23-26 hrs of Walk Team Leadership Meetings
  • Outside Team Leader must attend 6-8 hrs of Team Leadership Meetings
  • Attends church regularly
  • Active in a Reunion Group
  • Attends Community Gatherings regularly
  • SD & ASDs must be on the approved clergy list
  • LD Requirements: All of the above plus:
    • Outside Team for the entire weekend at least once,
    • Assistant Table Leader at least once,
    • Table Leader at least once,
    • Given at least two different Talks,
    • Assistant Lay Director at least twice,
    • Able to commit to Board Meetings preceding the Walk, Walk Team Meetings, the Walk,
      and the Pilgrim orientation after the Walk

Team Selection Process:
– Once the local Board of Directors has chosen a Lay Director, Spiritual Director, and Board Rep,
a Team Selection Committee is chosen.
– The Team Selection Committee reviews the database of those who have submitted applications
to serve, meet the prerequisites, and the “progressive servanthood” model (mixing years of
experience and geographic location following the Upper Room “1/3rd” model).
– Once a possible roster of Team members and alternates is chosen, the Walk LD contacts each
individual on the roster. If the individual accepts the nomination, they become part of the Team.
– Outside Team members, other than the OT Leader, is often chosen informally by the OT Leader
and Walk LD, but must also follow the “progressive servanthood” model, have attended a Walk
or Flight, and be at least 18 years of age. The Team Selection Committee may recommend
names for OT members to follow the progressive servanthood model.

How else can I Serve?
– Participate in the Prayer Vigil for Walks or Flights world-wide
– Assist with fulfilling an Agape need on an upcoming Walk (click for a list)
– Serve on a Board Committee
– Sponsor a Pilgrim on a Walk or Flight
– Serve in Kairos or Chrysalis
– The ultimate purpose of Emmaus is to build leaders in the local church.
If you are not already active in your church, pray about how God can use you to show the love
of Christ to the world around you.

Need to Join a Reunion Group?
Click here to find a reunion group in your area or feel free to start your own.